Consulting Services

In what situation You need our consulting services?

Our consulting services covers project pre clarifications and pre work for a project, to get a successful website project!

Under consulting services we understand, doing project pre clarifications. This means Your website might needs some special functions, where we need to check if and how it is possible to integrate into your website project.

As a result, we do preliminary project work, for example with a test installation of a website with the main functions, where tests can be carried out according to requirements, thus producing a feasibility study. The respective goal of such preparatory work is to see whether the website meets the requirements and ultimately a website project can be successfully implemented.

Besides this pre project work, we get in contact with different developers from solutions we can think of to use, getting a better understanding of your business and increasing the knowledge – with the goal to support You now and once the website is finished.

How much does the consulting service costs?

Doing a consulting service, which takes the most of the project time – including some “brainwork” – we need to charge You as our client.

For consulting services we charge You THB 750 per hour. We can provide different flat prices per amount of hours. Ask us if You are interested to know how much those prices are. We will calculate then for You.