Why Rent A Page?

Rent A Page is an all inclusive service for customers like to focus on the business and keep the online presence up to date, without any hassle.

Deciding to Rent A Page can save you time and money! We only have a small setup fee (deposit fee) and a monthly price for the rental plan. Once the website has been completed, you pay a single monthly fee – that’s it.

We promise you no hidden fees or random changes in prices. Not only does this keep your costs low, it also allows you to create an effective budget, regulate cash flow and maximize your business capital.

A side note to the monthly fees: Depend on what kind of additional payable plugins we use to run your website, the monthly price will vary!

Our “Rent a Page” packages

Rent a Page with SEO
Starting at ฿ 4000*per month
  • 1 Domain
  • Website design
  • Hosting
  • 1 Email address (G-Suite)
  • 1 Wordpress theme
  • Website maintenance & SEO Services

What is including those packages?

  • One domain (e.g. yourdomain.com)
  • A full website design (duration time between 3 and 4 weeks)
  • Hosting space (fast hosting inclusive CDN)
  • G-Suite account (1 mail address *)
  • Theme and theme updates
  • Monthly maintenance services (WordPress and plugin updates)

One domain

Having the correct domain name for Your business website, helps you to find your business better in Google. Those costs are based on a yearly fee.

Website Design

Doing a great design, including already SEO techniques in the right place, gives your customers experiences, when they like to find you and when they are using your website. Please find more information about website design here.


Having a good hosting provider, with all security, SSL and enough space to build a good website. If it needs more space, the provided hosting space is scalable without any problem *.


Connect: Reach your colleagues wherever they are. Create: Everything you need to bring your project to life. Access: Store files and find what you need instantly and Control: Manage users, devices, and data securely and easily.


Having a WordPress theme means having support over a short period, where get updates on a regularly base, including support from the developer. Samui Infotech s working close together with those developers and is able to support the theme.


Having a newly created website, is like recently bought a new car. If not doing the regularly services on the car, You get the risk, the the car is not working anymore. The same is with a WordPress website. Not only that WordPress is having updates, also used plugins getting newer versions. And all together it needs to get checked, if everything is working. Samui Infotech is providing this service, as we know what plugins, theme and WordPress can get updated in time and what not.

* If You need more than one email address, we are able to add unlimited amount of email addresses, but the price per month will change. Adding more space for the web hosting, will increase the monthly price too. The first year the monthly costs are higher, as there is the website design work included. We also ask for a deposit fee, to start with a website project and starting with the Rent A Page monthly service. This services is always based on a contract between our clients and Samui Infotech.

Rent A Page

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