Project Schedule / Project Workflow

Each new project is unique but in general the web design and development workflow from Samui Infotech follow some basic steps.

Project Workflow in 5 steps

Project Set Up

The partnership between Samui Infotech and you starts out with discussion about your business, the goals that must be achieved, the challenges that should be overcome.

The main concept, color schemes and any additional requirement are set. It is also defined who is providing what kind of information, like content text, images, prices and price structures (for products in an online shop), branding (if a client has a brand guide, with logo and color settings etc.).

Additional information about the hosting provider, email services etc will be defined.

Also the financial aspect is defined. as Samui Infotech is asking for a 50% deposit in advance – to start with the project. The remain 50% when the website project is done.

Before we start with a website project, we provide an example design – either done just after this first step or before that. So our clients are able to see, how a website could be, and additional changes can get defined better. We allow us to provide links to other resources – instead of doing some pre-work already.

Two-way communication process is the leading factor for each project’s success, that’s why we keep it live from the very beginning – the first phone call, email communication and any other ways to communicate – till the end of the project, when the time comes to celebrate the job well done and enjoy the success achieved.