Prices SEO Services

We assist you or your web publisher with online marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. With our expertise and our advice you are able to take appropriate measures for your SEO to successfully perform independently. You will improve your page ranking, increase the visibility of your products and services and thus generate more leads and sales customers.

What does this service include?

Advice is provided on topics that you determine. It is important to state clearly the objectives of the consultation. Also it needs to be clear, what Your goals are. Uppon those goals, we build up a SEO strategy inclusive a social network strategy.

  • Consulting general to online marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization
  • Advice for site design (SEO On page)
  • Advice for Link ratios and Backlink Strategies (SEO off page)
  • Advice relating to your target customers (definition, behaviour on the Internet)
  • Advice for keyword definition (analysis, searches and niches)
  • Copywriting service, such as posting into Your blog webpage and Your general social networks

Note: Small updates on Your website are include (up to 2 hours per serviceperiode), so far as the website was created by Samui Infotech. Any new additionals to Your website and changes to Your website are not included, and will be charged by an hourly fee or per a project price.

Important information: Samui Infotech will refuse to work for more than one client in the same niche, the same location area and with the same market and audience goals.*
But we allow us, to work for clients in the same niche but different market and audience goals, as long as both clients are not directly competitors to each other.

We believe that our clients deserve the top rankings and that working for two competing clients is a conflict of interest.

*market and audience goals meaning for example English speaking market only or German speaking market only.

SEO Pass Plus (Advanced SEO Services)
THB 4000per month
  • Google and Bing/Yahoo Metrics & Analytics
  • Creating Your Blog Post
  • Publish Blog Post to Social Media
  • Basic Update Services
  • Consulting in Marketing Strategy
  • Multilingual
  • Monthly payment
  • Contract based