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Who is Samui Infotech?

Convince yourself by professional and tailor-made web design

Samui Infotech is a small company, doing web design and SEO services, mostly for small and local business companies.

We know that your budget is tight, so we keep our fees small too. Both parties will benefit of it!

We are a web design agency based on Koh Samui, Thailand. Helping our clients all over Thailand (such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and other locations) growing them business – it is our absolute pleasure.

We help companies like yours to achieve Your goals!

What are we doing?

Handcrafted and customized websites for every client

Handcrafted and customized websites for every client

While many web design agency will use a pre-purchased theme to create your website, we feel that our clients deserve more.

Indeed, we agree, that our clients deserve more, we are using WordPress themes, and customize them to your needs. In design and most important in function!

That is why all of our websites are 100% custom designed. All elements, all functions are customized to your business identity and to help you meet all your goals.

SEO services & Digital Marketing based in Thailand

Samui Infotech stands out by the quality how to advise you. In order to insure an optimal reactivity, We offer a 6-7 days support. From the Marketing, E-commerce and web industry, we offer professional and qualified consulting

We believe that quality is a competitive asset which allows us to perform. Each details matters in order to make your advertising campaigns successful. Our goal, regarding Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Management, consist in improving your visibility according to the ROI targets we define together. We offer your business to manage and optimize your online advertising via unavoidable platforms for a successful digital marketing strategy such as Google, Facebook, Mail Automation solution and much more.

How can Samui Infotech help your business?

How can Samui Infotech help your business

We always see the whole “picture”!

Any website project we do, we discuss with You as our client what your main goals in your business is. We are listening carefully what you like to have and what you like to achieve.

Doing all settings and put all steps together, you can expect that it will help for your business!

Samui Infotech is having the experiences to help you to growing your business with all latest technology in internet and social media. If we do not know your niche business, we are going to to researches, to get all information what we need to help you and fulfill the project!

How does Samui Infotech working?

Transparency for our clients!

All websites are of global standard and are done with WordPress

All websites are of global standard and are done with WordPress.

Some companies build websites with custom CMS such that you aren’t able to make further edits to your own website – if You like to do so. This means that you will always have to return to them make any changes.

We use WordPress, which offers flexibility, meaning that our clients can also make changes to your own website, in the case where you want to change some slightly adding. We aim to provide the fairest, best quality service to all.

From initial discussion to the final payment, our whole workflow is open to you from start to finish.

Some companies use subscription to ensure you make continuous commitment to keep the finished website. Once you unsubscribe, you no longer own the website.

This is mostly seen with domains or hosting providers. We do have the knowledge, that a domain is used by the business owner itself, as per internet law. Having your own hosting provider is also an important part of it, in circumstances when Samui Infotech is not working for you anymore, You still have all data and information, as You are responsible for it.

With us, you’ll take full ownership of the domain and so the website. Even after the website’s done, you can come and talk to us if you wish to upgrade or change your website. We’re here to help you have the best website building experience possible.