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How to Rank Higher on Google for Enhanced Visibility

Search engine optimization with Samui Infotech

If you’re looking to increase your visibility and improve your search engine rankings, then Samui Infotech’s SEO services are an invaluable resource. With our help, you’ll be able to identify the right strategies and techniques to ensure you get higher rankings on Google and other search engines. We provide much more than just SEO – we offer comprehensive online marketing solutions tailored specifically to your needs!

Our Main SEO Services

SEO Services – Website Traffic – New Customers

SEO Services is the heart of “Search Engine Optimization”. Samui Infotech brings all necessary processes together – into one flow of work.

The goal is – to get Your website on the first page, preferable on the first position in Google.

Why need to do that?

You need new customers, find Your website – and find Your services. You need to get more conversion on Your website – means You get more business!

For a coherent overall picture in all areas of Online Marketing

We ensure that your company always remains up-to-date. Our web strategy builds on the success factor you have already developed and uses it as the basis for new ideas.

The basic goal of Online Consulting is the acquisition of new website visitors, prospective customers and potential new customers. We advise you at all levels and create innovative and customized online concepts. We support you, for example, in building a meaningful web presence. An appealing contemporary design (eg responsive web design) and professional content convey a positive impression to the visitor at first sight.

In an all-encompassing manner, we work with you to develop an overall concept that is coordinated with one another and ultimately harmonises in a lasting and profitable way. With Samui Infotech, you get professional competence in all areas from a single source – in Swiss quality.

You need SEO Services, such as copy writing or You like to have a sustainable SEO strategy?

Digital Marketing, Online Marketing and Social Media

Anyone who wants to be found as a provider in the fast-growing, global web today by his target group, does not come around a professional search engine optimization practically.

Search engine optimization is primarily used to find the most important search engines like Google, Bing (Yahoo) or other search engines in the front line.

Good search engine optimization – also called Search Engine Optimization – requires extensive knowledge and a lot of manual work. Many years of experience, a well-established team, as well as a particularly efficient workflow nevertheless ensure that we at Samui Infotech can provide you with perfect craftsmanship. As our customers always confirm, very successful search engine optimization at an affordable price.

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus are an integral part of everyday life. Worldwide, more than 1.8 billion people use Facebook. 2.35 billion are users of social networks. These figures illustrate the great potential for companies, for you.

Together with you, we create and run group pages or profiles (such as Facebook Page) or implement online advertising campaigns at an appropriate location. Also, the targeted use of social networks for the acquisition of new customers must not be overlooked.

Let us work together to develop strategies to optimize your presence on social networks and to benefit from it.

You need a Digital and Online Marekting strategy, to find out how all social networks and social medias are working together?

Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers: A movie about how Google Search works

How to Develop a Successful SEO Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

The detailed planning carried out by Samui Infotech is as follows:

Consider the website designs of your competitors and make a list of their advantages and disadvantages.

To find the terms for which rival service pages were ranking, conduct research and gap analyses.

Look for UI/UX issues in rival websites and make sure they are fixed when developing the website for our customer.

Make a structure for the site that is search engine friendly and offers the client a variety of mock-up options.

For each service page, write web copy that is SEO-optimized to guarantee that the site ranks for essential keywords as soon as it goes live.

Make sure all design elements are responsive to mobile devices.

Verify that the service page’s call-to-action tabs, headers, image optimization, and meta-titles are all present and correct.