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Increasing Client Experiences

Samui Infotech is change the way how a website project will get done. We are doing any new projects in a more structured way, using online tools and provide tools to our clients, where they are able to communicate and using online folder to put all the content they need to provide.

Private Chef – French Chef Hat Home

Chef Hat Home - New Client in Australia Chef Hat Home, owner by a french head chef, based in Australia was a small but nice project. Find out what makes this website special: Chef Hat Home Website If You like to have a new website, feel free to contact us today! For...

Actual WordPress Update – Version 4.9.6

This privacy and maintenance release includes 37 enhancements, 51 bug fixes, and 2 tasks. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) related changes include Comments, Privacy Policy Page, and Data Handling.

Bing – it On!

I am not a huge fan of Microsoft – but we all use it (so far when we use Windows…) And indeed, they are doing a good job. Bing is indeed a real competitor to Google in several technical aspects. Truly serious in SEO search engine optimization.