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Small Business Website Design
Web Design

Small Business Website Design

Sometimes, it is enough just to be present online with a small website, to grow your business. It not needs a lot – but having the correct content together, a few pages, a good contact possibility for your clients and you start growing!

Images, Copyright & Law
Web Design

Images, Copyrights & Law

We strictly advise all of our customers to use them own images! If we find images, used or taken elsewhere in the internet, we refuse to do any further work!

Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing and SEO
Online MarketingSEO

Can You do SEO?

Talking about SEO only is wrong – we need to start talking about online marketing – to get a sucessful marketing strategy!

How important is your marketing plan

Marketing Plan & Marketing Goals

You are having a nice website, just finished designed and this website is online. But You do not get customers respectively traffic onto your website. What are You do wrong? Basically nothing – you might just missing something. It called Marketing Plan & Marketing Goals.

Web Design & Web Development
Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the kind of websites, fits to open on a smartphone, such as Android or iPhone. It fits to open the website in a kind of manner, as all elements are not too small and that all elements are good readable.

Cyber Monday Discount Sale
Web Design

Cyber Monday Sale

In the week from 26th of November 2018 till 2nd of December 2018, Samui Infotech is giving a 50% discount sale on every project having the Standard Webdesign Plan and Ultra Web Site Plan.

Biggest Update - Coming Soon

Biggest Update – WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress 5 used to come out soon, on 19h of November 2018!
The same time, WooCommerce is having a big update too, respectively started already roll-out the latest release 3.5.1. This release will running smoothly with WordPress 5.

When do You start with the marketing strategy?
Online MarketingSEO

When do You start with the marketing strategy?

The best marketing strategy and using it, makes only sense, when You are doing it. As per Google SEO advises, such as Bing/Yahoo too, a website without a regulatory update in content or any other ways – will not have a big chance to coming on a first page.